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Google Map of all our to and through Greece stays from 2009 till now.

Some descriptions are in English, some in Dutch. We will change them into bilingual in the future.
Most of the spots also have a YouTubeClip included.

In the future we'll fill this map up with CP's before 2009.

Attention: most of these CP's are NOT official camperplaces. 
We just stay where we like it (if possible). When in doubt, we ask for permission.
In Greece free camping is tolerated in most places and off season. High season can be a problem.

Please don't spoil the places. Be friendly to the Greek, they are friendly to you.

When you stay close to a taverne please spend some money there. Eating is not expensive.

For more information send an email

MM2Greece_Camperplaces_All weergeven op een grotere kaart

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